Regulatory Approvals


• Reducol® is GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for use in a variety of food groups.
• Reducol® has DSHEA allowance to make structure/function claims can be made when incorporated as an ingredient in dietary supplements.
• Reducol® has allowed health claim for reduction of coronary heart disease in qualified foods and dietary supplements.

Australia and New Zealand

• Reducol® ester or powder can be used in vegetable oil spreads, milk drinks, low fat yogurt, cereals, and low fat cheese. A cholesterol reduction claim is allowed.
• Reducol® powders may be used in dietary supplements. A cholesterol reduction claim is allowed.
• Reducol® powders may be ‘listed’ as a medicine on the ARTG (Australian register of therapeutic goods), with approval granted by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration).

European Union

• Reducol® is approved by the Novel Foods Regulations for inclusion in milk-based drinks, yellow fat spreads (margarine), fermented milk type products, soy drinks, low-fat cheese type products, yogurt type products, spicy sauces, and salad dressings.
• A heart disease reduction claim can be made for novel foods with Reducol®.


• Reducol® ingredients approved for use in margarine, yogurt, salad dressings, mayonnaise, and vegetable or fruit juices.
• A heart disease reduction claim is allowed in the approved food categories.


• Reducol® ingredients are approved for use in pineapple and orange juice.
• Heart health claim on approved products is allowed.