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Reducol® Ester

Reducol® ester is manufactured by linking sunflower seed oil fatty acid esters to the Reducol® free form. Sunflower seed oil, like the Reducol® free form, is sourced from non-GMO sources.


Reducol® ester is a creamy, white to off-white, viscous liquid at room temperature. It is soluble in vegetable oils and suitable for manufacturing oil-based foods, such as margarines, mayonnaise, salad oils, and softgel dietary supplements.

Reducol® ester is packed under nitrogen in 180 kg steel drums with a food grade plastic coating.


Reducol® ester is stable for 12 months from the date of manufacture, if stored at 1-8 ° C. If stored frozen at less than -18° C, it is stable for at least 24 months. Reducol® ester is also stable for at least 24 months at ambient conditions if encapsulated into softgel capsules.

Manufacturing Quality

Reducol® ester is manufactured according to international requirements for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Formulation Technologies

Forbes has developed processing technologies allowing Reducol® to be incorporated into a wide range of functional food and nutraceutical applications, without affecting important sensory characteristics such as smell, taste and texture.