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Product Attributes

Product Form and Advantages

Reducol® complies with regulatory standards for purity established in the United States, Australia/New Zealand, the European Union, Canada and the International standard, Codex Alimentarius.

Reducol® is allergen-free, soy-free, and trans fat-free.

Reducol® is naturally sourced and non-GMO.

Reducol® can be formulated into any type of food product or dietary supplement.

Reducol® is available in either as a powder or as a sunflower oil fatty acid ester.

Reducol® (“Free Form”) Original Powder

Reducol® standard format is a “free form” powder suitable for a wide range of applications. Customer formats are also available.


Reducol® Original Powder is dry, white, crystalline, and suitable for use in non-fat/low-fat food matrices, as well as dietary supplements. Because there are no fats present, Reducol® powders are not prone to oxidative rancidity and do not require refrigeration like sterol/stanols esters.

The median particle size is 20-40 microns. This original powder can be used for most applications, including milk, yogurt, cheese, baked goods, cereal bars, confectionaries, sauces, and thicker juices (such as pineapple juice).

Reducol® powder is thermally stable and oxidizes only at very high temperatures (>200°C or 392°F)

Reducol® powder requires less weight per dose to achieve the same efficacy as that of sterol esters. Therefore, they can be incorporated into low fat foods without introducing additional fat.

For customers’ convenience, Reducol® powders are available in 20-kilogram poly-lined boxes.


Reducol® powders may be stored at room temperature and normal humidity for at least 48 months. The powders tend to absorb moisture at a rate of ~1% per year. For accurate estimate of sterol content, loss of weight on drying should be measured prior to use.

Manufacturing Quality

Reducol® powders are manufactured through a technologically advanced, high-quality cGMP process (under FDA Guidelines – 21 CFR Part 110, including new regulations imposed for manufacturers of dietary supplements and food ingredients).