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Plant Sterols and Stanols: Researched Solutions for Cardiovascular Health

There is an increasing awareness and recognition amongst health care professionals and consumers of the ability of plant sterols and stanols to lower cholesterol, in particular LDLcholesterol, therefore reducing or preventing the development of cardiovascular disease (CVD). A large body of scientific research dating back to the 1950s has documented the ability of plant sterols and stanols to reduce blood cholesterol levels with no significant side effects.

The benefits of reducing LDL-cholesterol are well established. Epidemiological studies estimate that on average, a 1% reduction in cholesterol will reduce the risk of CHD by 2%. Furthermore, studies indicate that the greatest long-term benefit is obtained by early intervention. In 1998, the West of Scotland Coronary Prevention Society suggested that a 10-19% reduction in LDLcholesterol may reduce the risk of CVD by as much as 41%.

Evidence-based claims are key to the central focus of Reducol®. Clinical studies conducted by Forbes in the USA, Europe and Canada have shown Reducol® has a significant cholesterol lowering effect, between 10-15%, when Reducol® is ingested as an ingredient in margarines,
chocolate, juice, supplements, and milk.

The cholesterol lowering benefit of Reducol® can be seen in as little as two weeks (using recommended dosage in conjunction with a low fat diet and exercise).