What is Reducol®?

Reducol® is a unique, patented blend of plant sterols and stanols. It is a clinically proven ingredient for lowering LDL cholesterol safely and naturally.

Where does Reducol® come from?

Reducol® is extracted from coniferous (pine) trees in the U.S., which are a natural, renewable, non-GMO source. Extraction takes place in the U.S.

What does Reducol® do?

Reducol® blocks absorption of cholesterol in the gut without being absorbed into your body. Reducol® is clinically proven to significantly lower LDL cholesterol when used with a low-fat diet and exercise.

Is Reducol® safe?

Reducol® is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. Plant sterols and stanols are naturally present in most vegetables we eat, and they have an excellent safety record as part of a normal human diet. Studies conducted since the 1950’s report no significant side effects from plant sterols and stanols.

Are there any special instructions for taking Reducol®?

Yes. Reducol® has been developed for people who want to lower their LDL cholesterol. Taking 1.8 grams of Reducol® daily has been shown to help lower LDL cholesterol is as little as 2 weeks.

If you are already taking cholesterol-reducing medication, seek advice from a health professional before starting Reducol®.

Will Reducol® interfere with my special diet?

No. Reducol® has no calories, sugar, salt, or fat. Reducol® is not absorbed by the body.

Can I take Reducol® if I am taking prescription medication?

Reducol® is a combination of plant sterols and stanols, which have been found to have no known interactions with hormone drugs, contraceptives, or antibiotics. If you are taking any prescription medications (including, but not limited to, cholesterol-lowering medications), we strongly recommend consulting with a health care professional before taking Reducol®.

Where is the proof?

There are multiple human clinical studies testing Reducol®, in addition to another 100+ clinical studies that show positive results strongly supporting the cholesterol-lowering effects of plant sterols and stanols.